Monday, January 15, 2007

Food Foundry

Decided to go Food Foundry with Mee Lin, Lee, Shannon & Ken after church service to have a quick bite. It was very crowded. However, was bit dissapointed with the quality of the food there. May be too many people or just plain qulaity drop .... The menu has changed quite a fair bit. Some of the yummy items were just suddenly missing.

Food Foundry is quite a cozy place to dine in.

Roasted egg plant anti pasta is just OK for me. They used to have excellent anti pasta.

Lee has her Chicken dish(can't recall now). She complain it's too dry.

"No taste" That's what Ken was commenting. It's vegetable lagsana. Don't see he is enjoying it. Well, it's too small portion for him. He wanted something filling, yet the waiter can't recomend any. They really to train their waiters.

Tomato Vongole is Food Foundry's signature dish. So, Shannon and I ordered the Vongole. It is very dry compare to what I had few months ago. The sauce is not as thick and tomato is not as fresh. Fairly dissapointed. However, Shannon still wallop 2 servings(she order another one after that, is too small of protion for her)

Generally, I felt they FF needs to beef up their cooking to lift up thier reputation they earned last year. watch out for consistency too. I hope the food would be better next time I am there.


Fay Cheng said...

their club hse sandwich is missing...
their angel hair ham cabornarra is missing...
their chicken gorden blue is missing...
heck.. their ice peach tea is also missing... :(

A Fellow Traveler said...
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