Friday, January 5, 2007

Red Bean Bun from Saujana Villa Cafe

Was driving back from Bkt Jelutong to Kelana Jaya Office. Passing by Saujana and decided to make a quick detour to Saujana Villa Cafe. Can't resist their red bean bun. Normally, I would opt for other buns than red bean. Usually the red bean I bought are hard to chew, not much filling. But Sauajana Villa Cafe's red bean cafe is fluffy and full of sweet filling(slightly sweet to my taste, but still good). Well, the cafe is owned by Japanese, and Japanese buns are well known been fluffy. Japanese patisserie is always excel in their presentation and quality.

The buns is huge, about my palm size (12 cm) and fluffy, and it's RM 1.60 each. There was just 3 more left when I was there.

It's full of filling. It took me 1 minutes to wallop all 3. He he he ....

Saujana Villa Cafe is a really relax place to tea. I love to go there for tea or even light lunch. Pretty quite and most patrons are Japanese since it is a Japanese cafe.

Saujana Villa Cafe is located just next to Hyatt Saujana Hotel and in front of Perembar Square. The Japanese spaghetti and juicy beef rice are yummy too. They use authentic Japanese sticky rice.

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