Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Top 10 Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice has always been our regular staple for ages in Malaysia. However, good and quality chicken rice in KL especially has seems tremendous dip compare to many year except for few shops and stalls still selling the authentic Hainanese Chicken rice.

So, ntv7 and Guan Ming Ribao are doing a series searching for the Top 10 best Chicken rice in Malaysia. The Executive Producer, Boon called me us to direct, and without any hesitation I take up the job.

Our first 2 episodes are telling people how do a real chicken rice and how a real chicken rice taste like.

We decided to visit Nam Heong Hainanese Chicken Rice and see how they cook the chicken rice. Well, I would tell you much about the cooking. All I can said is that the chicken, the cooking time, the spices used, the rice and sauce they made make a world different from other chicken rice. Watch our TV programme to know more.

Chef Miaw is only 29 years old but has master the skill to do the chicken rice so well. Came from Cameron Highland many years ago, he is now Chef in Sri Hartmas Nam Heong Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant. Remember to say hi to this handsome if you happen to be there. He is so friendly.
Our host, Vicent Ng, another food connoisseur is trying to uncover the secret of chicken rice from the sifu itself.
Look at this perfect looking cooked chicken. The skin is so smooth and clear. When you cut into the chicken, the juice of the chicken is oozing out as if it can't wait to escape from the chicken. You should see bone marrow which is in red colour if the chicken is cooked at perfection. If it is under cooked, the blood from the chicken would flow out. If over cooked, the bone marrow become black. That's the tips!

Well, more to come on the Hainanese Chicken Rice. I'll be flying to Hainan Island to find out more story behind the chicken rice. So remember to tune in to ntv7 every Sunday at 10:15 pm starting on the 2nd week of July. We will discover the best chicken rice in Malaysia. Oh yes, you can also suggest your choice of chicken rice. Buy a copy of Guan Ming Daily to find out more.

Special Brew Coffee at Lotus Damansara Jaya

Church friend brought me to this place at Damansara Jaya called Lotus Banana Leaf Restoran. He had me hooked with this special brew coffee. First they put hot milk(i mean real susu lembu) about 1/3 of the cup. Then, another 1/3 layer of coffee(this is not the Starbuck Coffee but kopitiam coffee - robusta coffee, and it's really thick like espresso); top with 1/3 layer of foam. I thought the mamak now is really creative. It taste so good that I personally think it's better than the Arabica coffee you get in Starbuck. Again this is my own opinion. MAMAK, SATU LAGI!