Monday, January 15, 2007

Food Foundry

Decided to go Food Foundry with Mee Lin, Lee, Shannon & Ken after church service to have a quick bite. It was very crowded. However, was bit dissapointed with the quality of the food there. May be too many people or just plain qulaity drop .... The menu has changed quite a fair bit. Some of the yummy items were just suddenly missing.

Food Foundry is quite a cozy place to dine in.

Roasted egg plant anti pasta is just OK for me. They used to have excellent anti pasta.

Lee has her Chicken dish(can't recall now). She complain it's too dry.

"No taste" That's what Ken was commenting. It's vegetable lagsana. Don't see he is enjoying it. Well, it's too small portion for him. He wanted something filling, yet the waiter can't recomend any. They really to train their waiters.

Tomato Vongole is Food Foundry's signature dish. So, Shannon and I ordered the Vongole. It is very dry compare to what I had few months ago. The sauce is not as thick and tomato is not as fresh. Fairly dissapointed. However, Shannon still wallop 2 servings(she order another one after that, is too small of protion for her)

Generally, I felt they FF needs to beef up their cooking to lift up thier reputation they earned last year. watch out for consistency too. I hope the food would be better next time I am there.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Shooting Top Chinese Chef @ Xuan Xin, Sri Pacific

At the kitchen at Xuan Xin Restaurant, Sri Pacific(previously Pan Pacific KL). Host, Pei Le, was preparing for the shoot while Chef Desmon Lui talking to me on the shoot. I was directing the shoot.

Stuffed Crab with Golden Sauce. The crab shells are stuffed with mixture of crab meat, minced prawn, onion and flavouring. The Golden sauce is made of stocks and pumpkin to create the golden colour. It is a perfect combination.

Baked Oyster with Black Sesame sauce. Never thought black sesame would go so well with oyster. The sauce gives bit of sweetness to the juicy oysters. Something to die for.

Chef Lui's Szechuan Kitchen is another dish to look out for. The 'pedasness'(hot spicy level) is just nice, yet it allows the favour of peppercorn complement the chicken so well that I couldn't help but to have another serving.

Generally, the shoot at Xuan Xin was very smooth with the help of friendly General Manager, Jean(Mat Salleh that sounds exactly like Malaysian), Manager, Joe(very gentle yet dedicated manager) and friendly MarComm team, Marina & Kenn.

Chef Desmon Lui is certainly a chef of its own class, and he won numerous award in foreign land.

Look out for "Top Chinese Chefs" on RTM 2 soon.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Yee Kei stew chicken feet, steam fish head and pork trotter

I thought gonna be a boring Saturday. Asked Ian out for another quest, but he had a wedding to attend. Then met Tze Foong and Coral at their office, and the next thing we know, we all decided to go for dinner. As usual, I has to recommend new places, and it daunted to me on Yee Kee at Happy Garden. Soo Lynn brought me there once. Their stew chicken feet was simmered for at least 2 hours, so it is very soft. The soy sauce they used is high grade soy sauce for the simmering chicken feet.

I love the steam fish head too. No muddy taste. With plenty of ginger and a dash of Chinese wine, it really brings out the actual flavour of the fish head. Really, succulent good.

The pork trotter was excellent, with equal portion of fat and lean meat, it has to be eaten hot. Or else the fat and skin would be tough when it was cold. It's so tender, and when you bite into the skin and fat mixed with lean meat, oh wow, it taste heavenly.

This is Yee Kei. Located at Happy Garden main road, you won't miss it. Open from 7 pm onward. In good day, the fish out sold out at about 8 pm. We were lucky to grabs the last fish head.
Yee Kei also sell Bak Kuk Teh, but nothing to shout about. The cook is a very humble but nice guy. Unfortunately, I forget to take the photo on the dishes because it was to tempting till we all just dig in and wallop everything. We had 1 steam fish head, 1 steam talapia, 2 pork trotter, 12 stew chicken feet, 2 pots of Bak Kuk Teh and 2 plates of vegie among 8 adults and 2 kids.
The bill came out to be RM 103. Pretty good deal. Will go again to take the photo. Soo Lynn try to get the cook to stew duck feet with same recipe. I love stew duck feet.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Red Bean Bun from Saujana Villa Cafe

Was driving back from Bkt Jelutong to Kelana Jaya Office. Passing by Saujana and decided to make a quick detour to Saujana Villa Cafe. Can't resist their red bean bun. Normally, I would opt for other buns than red bean. Usually the red bean I bought are hard to chew, not much filling. But Sauajana Villa Cafe's red bean cafe is fluffy and full of sweet filling(slightly sweet to my taste, but still good). Well, the cafe is owned by Japanese, and Japanese buns are well known been fluffy. Japanese patisserie is always excel in their presentation and quality.

The buns is huge, about my palm size (12 cm) and fluffy, and it's RM 1.60 each. There was just 3 more left when I was there.

It's full of filling. It took me 1 minutes to wallop all 3. He he he ....

Saujana Villa Cafe is a really relax place to tea. I love to go there for tea or even light lunch. Pretty quite and most patrons are Japanese since it is a Japanese cafe.

Saujana Villa Cafe is located just next to Hyatt Saujana Hotel and in front of Perembar Square. The Japanese spaghetti and juicy beef rice are yummy too. They use authentic Japanese sticky rice.

Marilah Cuba Shoot for RTM

Shooting one of the outdoor scene in a park where Meason is stealing space mobile while Adam and Marissa watching it.

The director, King Wai with the crews.

Another scene form the shoot

close-up of the scene

My 2 Assistant Producers, Elroi and Joyce

At the set of "Get Hitched"

Rashed Salleh, one of the main cast, played the role of a guy try to get hitched by the girl.
Shooting the scene of montage
The scene where Rashed is helping the girl with panadol.

Point of view where we look at the set

The director, Douglas Lim and my clients, Audrey and Shan Shan

Dumex National Science Quiz 2006 Recording

My point of view when I am directing the Multi-camera shoot. The Quiz was telecasted 4 weeks later.

One of my cameraman shooting from the back of audience.

These are the mobile multi-camera equipment we used for the shoot.

The other cameraman concentrate on the camera.

Christmas 2006

This year Turkey is bit dry, but still delicious. Ian siad British turkey is leaner than the American, so it is not as juicy. But I love the stuffing.

Finger food done by Ian. Tuna with pickle small cucumber on top of small toast. The combination goes so well, crunchiness of the toast blend well with tune and the sourness of the pickle.

Ting Ting holding another finger food, egg mayio on mini pancake top with caviar. Honestly, was not my favourate.

How can we resist such a tasty turkey. It weight about 4.5 kg

The lovely host, Ian and Ee Pui. The setting is really elegant. Well, I help up a little on the setting. Ian insist on the elequant setting.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

My Foodies Buddies

That's me - having English Tea at Ole Smoke House . Very relaxing

Ian is a senior writer in The Star. We have started our culinary quest since 10 years ago, and still going strong.

Ting Ting, Adminsitration Manager in an Interactive Solution Company. Wonderful companion to have for feasting. She laugh a lot, like all of us too.

Soo Lynn, Credit Card Sales Manager in Standard Charted Bank. When comes to food, she would stop talking about it. Her zest and energy does impacted many peoples.