Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Shooting Top Chinese Chef @ Xuan Xin, Sri Pacific

At the kitchen at Xuan Xin Restaurant, Sri Pacific(previously Pan Pacific KL). Host, Pei Le, was preparing for the shoot while Chef Desmon Lui talking to me on the shoot. I was directing the shoot.

Stuffed Crab with Golden Sauce. The crab shells are stuffed with mixture of crab meat, minced prawn, onion and flavouring. The Golden sauce is made of stocks and pumpkin to create the golden colour. It is a perfect combination.

Baked Oyster with Black Sesame sauce. Never thought black sesame would go so well with oyster. The sauce gives bit of sweetness to the juicy oysters. Something to die for.

Chef Lui's Szechuan Kitchen is another dish to look out for. The 'pedasness'(hot spicy level) is just nice, yet it allows the favour of peppercorn complement the chicken so well that I couldn't help but to have another serving.

Generally, the shoot at Xuan Xin was very smooth with the help of friendly General Manager, Jean(Mat Salleh that sounds exactly like Malaysian), Manager, Joe(very gentle yet dedicated manager) and friendly MarComm team, Marina & Kenn.

Chef Desmon Lui is certainly a chef of its own class, and he won numerous award in foreign land.

Look out for "Top Chinese Chefs" on RTM 2 soon.

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