Saturday, January 6, 2007

Yee Kei stew chicken feet, steam fish head and pork trotter

I thought gonna be a boring Saturday. Asked Ian out for another quest, but he had a wedding to attend. Then met Tze Foong and Coral at their office, and the next thing we know, we all decided to go for dinner. As usual, I has to recommend new places, and it daunted to me on Yee Kee at Happy Garden. Soo Lynn brought me there once. Their stew chicken feet was simmered for at least 2 hours, so it is very soft. The soy sauce they used is high grade soy sauce for the simmering chicken feet.

I love the steam fish head too. No muddy taste. With plenty of ginger and a dash of Chinese wine, it really brings out the actual flavour of the fish head. Really, succulent good.

The pork trotter was excellent, with equal portion of fat and lean meat, it has to be eaten hot. Or else the fat and skin would be tough when it was cold. It's so tender, and when you bite into the skin and fat mixed with lean meat, oh wow, it taste heavenly.

This is Yee Kei. Located at Happy Garden main road, you won't miss it. Open from 7 pm onward. In good day, the fish out sold out at about 8 pm. We were lucky to grabs the last fish head.
Yee Kei also sell Bak Kuk Teh, but nothing to shout about. The cook is a very humble but nice guy. Unfortunately, I forget to take the photo on the dishes because it was to tempting till we all just dig in and wallop everything. We had 1 steam fish head, 1 steam talapia, 2 pork trotter, 12 stew chicken feet, 2 pots of Bak Kuk Teh and 2 plates of vegie among 8 adults and 2 kids.
The bill came out to be RM 103. Pretty good deal. Will go again to take the photo. Soo Lynn try to get the cook to stew duck feet with same recipe. I love stew duck feet.

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