Friday, January 5, 2007

Christmas 2006

This year Turkey is bit dry, but still delicious. Ian siad British turkey is leaner than the American, so it is not as juicy. But I love the stuffing.

Finger food done by Ian. Tuna with pickle small cucumber on top of small toast. The combination goes so well, crunchiness of the toast blend well with tune and the sourness of the pickle.

Ting Ting holding another finger food, egg mayio on mini pancake top with caviar. Honestly, was not my favourate.

How can we resist such a tasty turkey. It weight about 4.5 kg

The lovely host, Ian and Ee Pui. The setting is really elegant. Well, I help up a little on the setting. Ian insist on the elequant setting.

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Pwyll Penn said...


IAN & MRS IAN - You look wonderful together!!!

Miss you all..

p/s call me now and then.. Bob has my new number..