Monday, April 16, 2007

Penang Food Excursion Part 1

Decided to drive up to Penang for another food excursion. Off course also to meet up with my best friend, BB. Arrive in Penang about 2 pm, but BB has an appointment. So I decided to go on my own exploration. Actually, I have no problem going around Penang Island. Been here numerous time.

Ok, 1st stop! Sister's Chao Koay Teow.

The Chao Koay Teow comes with huge prawns and some minced crab meat. Hmmm ... the taste however is really disappointing .... lacked of charcoal fragrant and it is just so so in flavour ... did not live up to the reputation ... RM 3.50 for a rather small portion, not quite price for the money ....the otak otak however, compensate for my disappointment ....

2nd Stop
Gurney Drive

After a small portion of Chao Koay Teow, got to hunt down another delicacies, so got to drive down to find the Crab Bee Hoon I has always craved for many months. It is this Kedai Kopi Public we came last time for the delicious Crab Bee Hon.

Kind of upset when I found out the Crab Bee Hon stall did not open that day, so got to go for second choice, seafood mee suah.

When I saw there is roe isn the Ikan Senagin, immediately opted for the Ikan Senangin Mee Suah. Mee Suah is like angle hair pasta but with softer texture as it is made of rice flour. The mee suah is really a savour after the disappointment on the Chao Koay Teow. The soup is so sweet because of the the fish is extremely fresh. With the right touch of sesame oil and few slice of ginger, the mee suah taste so heavenly as the mee suah has absorb the essence of the juice of the fish into its texture. It's really a pleasant surprise.

There is more to come on this Penang Food Excursion, stay tuned!

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