Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Penang Food Excursion Part 2 - Ikan Bakar Telok Tempoyak

After much waiting, BB finally pick me up from Gurney Drive about 5:30 pm. Immediately we head toward Batu Maung, passing the Bukit Jambul. Before we reached End of the World(only local know this place for good Chinese seafood), we make a left turn towards kampong right after the traffic light. As we drove in, a skyview of a beautiful sea side greeting us. Awesome view! Immediately, we bump into a signboard saying "Kampong Telok Tempoyak". Very interesting name as "Tempoyak" is actually a Malay dish where they frement durina for a week or two before the Malay used for cooking. It has a very pungent smell to it and it really a acquired taste to enjoy tempoyak. Anyway, we were there about 6 pm, bit Kia Su ....
As we walked in, there were already few customer looking for the fishes. BB said we got to be there early as crowds started to flow in after 7 pm, and we have to wait for hours before our foods comes.

There were many types of fishes, prwan and crabs.
BB was standing there wondering which fish to choose. We end up with 2 fishes, bit greedy and glutton. Anyway, who care! We are here for good food. Usually, Malays will only take flower crabs but here they sell mud crab. Hmmm ... very interesting !!
So many types of fishes to choose. All are fairly fresh ....

Another item not to be missed is the coconut drinks there, i guess they just pluck them from the trees from the back of the house.

While waiting for the food(almost an hour later), we has to be amused ourself with this sunset view. Well, afterall we are here for the food, nice view just another bonus .... Soak yourself in the sunset doesn't seem to be the right thing to do with another guy, right?

The owner preparing the fishes for grilling.

The seafood is grilled under slow fire with charcoal. Now wonder it takes so long to get to our table. I was famished by then. Where is my food??????

Finally the Ikan Bakar is here. Look at the colour, we knew it's gonna be spicy. There is a layer of slightly sweet chillies paste on top of the fish. The falvour of the chillies and souce really simmer into the meat.
There are 2 souces to choose that goes well with the fish. But for me, the paste is more than enough. The fish taste delicious, it's so juicy and tender. It's really worth the wait!!! 2 tumbs up for the grilled fish.

Drum rolll......... the finale is here .. the Ketam Baker or grilled crabs .. when I was choosing the crabs, i thought they were fairly small and I did not even have much faith on the taste ......

Oh mine ..... I was so wrong... look at the roe in the crab, almost a quater of the crabs is filled with succelent crab roe ..... sooooooo sinfully good ...... the meat is sweet too even though not as much meat as the meat crab we usually consumed at Chinese seafood restaurant. I really enjoy the Ikan Baker & off course the Ketam Bakar ..... As we finished our meals, there were like more than 100 people already crowded the warong .... definately a good choice BB!


Quachee said...

oh wow, the crab looks great! reminds me of the 'hairy crabs'!

hows the pricing there?

Anonymous said...

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