Monday, April 23, 2007

Penang Food Excursion Part 4

Well, it was Sunday evening before I leave Penang. Not gonna miss some good old Penang food. So came to this hawker centre at Batu Ferringhi. Full with tourist.

Got to have Nasi Kandar. Plenty of different curries (that makes Nasi Kandar taste so good). Off course, without lady fingers, the Nasi Kandar is a complete meal.

Look at the Or Chien(fried oysters), it's starchy yet the oysters is huge and juicy.

Hokkien Mee(generally KL folks would called it Har Mee or Prawn Mee). The sweetness from the prawn and pork tenderloin with chillies would give a shiver in your spine. It's so good.

Ahhh ..... one drinks I never miss in Penang - "Gu Ning Ping"(direct translation is iced mik). Usually, it is served with the rose syrup at the bottom, then top with condensed milked and finished with shaked ice. It tasted like Sirap Bandung but I like this better coz it has more milky taste.

After this, I got to rush back to KL after a wonderful food rendezvour at Penang. Penang, I'll be back!

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