Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Penang Food Excursion Part 3 - Restoran NZ

Second day, we sort of lazy and decided to come out for brunch(actaully we skip breakfast coz I was watching F1). BB took me to Rostoran NZ at Gurnet Drive. We ordered pickled vegetable with toufu soup, fried tougay with salted fish, touchew lala, fried yam noodle and deep fried fish.

This deep fried fish(they called it here jiam chui, which mean sharp mouth) is crunchy in the outside but sweet and tender in the inside. We enjoy the fish so much that we used our hand to peel the fish, and diners at neighbouring table was watching with awe. He he he ...

This fried yam noodle is rather unique. The texture is kind of rough and chewy, but tasty.

Oh wow .... this lala dish really brought lots of memories ... My mom used to by this lala which is rather samll(probably about 3 mm) but extremely sweet and fresh. The shell is still crunchy but of course you only eat the tiny meat. I really like this lala coz the texture is so smooth compare with the bigger version. It's rather hard to find this type of lala in the restaurant anymore.

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