Friday, December 28, 2007

Jugra Begger Chicken

After almost 10 years, I finally have a chance to go back to Jugra and taste the mouth-watering Beggar Chicken. Going there is an task, almost lost my way there. Once you reach the Banting town, you have go through the town and head toward Jugra(there is a sign board stated Jugra Historical Palace). When you come to end of the road at a T-junction, you have to turn right.

The 1st thing I saw is the shack with Malaysian flag. I guess they did not take it down since Hari Merdeka. The sign board is one of it's kind, the name of "Renowned Beggar Chciken"is written on a few plank wood.
Basically, they would burn the charcoal till ashes. The they would buried the chicken wrapped in glazed paper and cook for 8 to 10 hours. That's why you need to call in advance to book the dish.

After 8 to 10 hours of cooking, the chicken is so tender. Flavoured with Chinese herbs, it really add distinct smell and taste to the meat. Because of the slow cooking, the juice of the chicken would subtly fuse with the Chinese herbs and absorb back in the meat. I just love the fragrance.
Apart from the Beggar Chicken, they have Beggar Lamb, Beggar Duck, Beggar Pork Trotter, all cook in the same manner. Apart from that from the beggar stuffs, their herbal chicken soup and boneless fish are very well received here. The meat of mackerel is scrapped from the bone and skin. The the chef would de-bone the fish and leave a vacuum to stuff the fish meat early which already mixed with seasoning. After the stuffing, the fish is fried golden crisp before it is served.

Generally, the food has never failed me. Apart form the quality, the shack is built on stilts on swamp which give the ambient a refreshing touch. Feel like going back to nature! They only serve lunch; AND lunch starts at 1 pm. So if you want to taste the Beggar Chicken, 2 things must remember: 1) Book in advance, or else you would not get any Beggar Chicken. 2) Make sure you have good breakfast coz lunch only served at 1 pm.


email2me said...

No address and no contact no ka?


wew7367 said...

The phone number there is 03-31202515

Velva said...

This was amazing! A great post! I learned something today.

Luigi's said...

Very interesting, have never heard of "beggar" before. I feel educated. Thank you..

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